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My Story as a Health Nut

It took me 2.5 hours to go grocery shopping last night, plus another hour to prep all the food. I didn’t expect the whole process to take that long, but I knew I needed to get some sustainable food…healthy food. I recently relocated to a new area and have been living off of “snacky” type health food as I have been adjusting to my new place. I wasn’t feeling satisfied throughout my day, but I wasn’t going to give in and eat overly processed food either. I decided it was crucial to spend time and money on foods that will satisfy my hunger. If you know me, I am hungry all day long. If I am not getting healthy proteins and fats, with my veggies, I go crazy!

I haven’t always been a craver of healthy food. In fact, I grew up thinking I could eat whatever I wanted and be fine. That was a great plan through high school. I was active and young; my body had no problem consuming processed garbage. It wasn’t until my mid 20s that I realized I needed to become aware of what I actually put into my body. I was working out consistently, but the weight kept increasing. Luckily I am fairly tall and can hold my weight well. Around 2010 my sister, Kjell, asked if I wanted to do a no sweets and low carb diet for about 3 months. At this point I was ready to make a change. Carrying the excess weight of 30 pounds was starting to weigh on me (pun intended). This was the start of my love for understanding food and how it can change us. Since that time, I have actively lived a low sugar/low carb lifestyle—and I love it. 


At this point, I am on a year adventure eating the Paleo Diet. I have made some modifications and I do have cheat days. I do love a good homemade cookie or chocolate ice cream! I wouldn’t go as far to say that the Paleo Diet is for everyone. You have to remember I have been eating pretty strict for about 4 years. I am accustomed to the restrictions. If you are thinking about Paleo or another restrictive type diet, please do your research and prepare. I do not support yo-yo dieting or quick fixes. Eating healthy, in any form, takes discipline and preparation; otherwise we usually fail. I will definitely talk more about my paleo experience, but for now, just know that I am an advocate for plant-based diets that include lean protein and healthy fruits and fats. I have seen a difference in my life. Not just through my physical appearance, but with my energy, my confidence, and my overall quality of life.

I look forward to posting more- I have great recipes (paleo and non paleo) to share with you all. I know Kjell can give you some great workout ideas, but I’ll post about my workout experiences and fun things I like to try.

Long live, living long!


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  1. I will be trying these at home over the weekend! Any chance of doing an “E-book” in the future of “kid approved, working mom-friendly” recipes in the future?

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