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Nutrition 101
  • Benefits of a Green Drink
        Whipping up a smoothie is a quick and easy way to eat your fruits and veggies, get a good […]
  • Kjell’s on the go snacks
      I received a comment that asked me to share some of my snacks and what I eat throughout […]
  • Clean Eating!
    I wanted to address this picture in tonight’s post. I don’t want to get into the […]

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The Great Inflatable Race Giveaway!
  Hey, Everyone! Check out this fun race that I’ll be doing in May: Date: 5/31Time: Heats start at 10amLocation:
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Inspiration Monday
If I’m ever in need of some inspiration and motivation, this is the video I watch: Today was a new
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My Story as a Health Nut
It took me 2.5 hours to go grocery shopping last night, plus another hour to prep all the food. I
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P.F. Chang’s Lettuce Wraps
Stop what you’re and go get the ingredients for this recipe. Seriously, this is so easy and quick, it’ll blow
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Reasons why working out is totally worth it
 1. You’ll get stronger and won’t have to ask your husband to open the jar of almond butter. 2. You’ll
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Homemade LARA BARS!!
If you haven’t tried Lara Bars, you’re totally missing out! They are bars that are gluten free, vegan free, typically
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6x10x10 Full Body
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Hey, hey, hey!!! Welcome to Fitritious Life! A blog that is dedicated to inspiring you, teaching you, and sharing our expertise
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